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It is important that you see the quality of work that your DJ provides. Ask for photos. Ask for videos. I am a firm believer that the aesthetics of the DJ booth and how the DJ sets up equipment are key elements for a successful event. Afterall, you get one chance to make a first impression. Your DJ should work tirelessly to impress your guests with a memorable entertainment experience.  I mean, let’s be honest: you are spending a lot of money to host an event. why allow the dj to throw equipment on a table with cords everywhere?

I take a lot of pride in how I present my services to an audience and I hope you see that in the examples I’ve provided below. If you would like to see additional examples of my work, please do not hesitate to ask. I do this every weekend (all year round), so I have a lot of examples that I can share with you!  

DJ Personality | Maine Event Emcees

Okay, so we talked about the aesthetics. What about the personality? I recommend that you communicate clearly with your DJ through email, by phone and/or an appointment. You should be confident in their ability to communicate effectively electronically and in person. After your initial correspondence, you should have a good sense for their personality and style. Often, the DJ acts as your event Emcee, so be sure you trust their ability to communicate effectively with you and your crowd. 

Maine DJs That Mix Music

We can’t talk about DJs without discussing music. Make sure the DJs you are considering can mix music and are comfortable on a microphone. The art of mixing music is essential to a great party.  Your Maine DJ should be able to blend songs together seamlessly so that guests are never left guessing. Blending music ensures the energy stays where it belongs: on the dance floor! 

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Okay, let’s face it. We live in a connected society. I understand the importance of visuals when considering a service. I keep my Instagram page updated with amazing content curated from events I’m involved with. I’m not as diligent with Facebook but you can check there as well. And, if you’d like to listen to some mixes that I’ve recorded, be sure to visit my Mixcloud page. These mixes may not be event specific but they sure do provide a great soundtrack for those commutes to work or long gym sessions!

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